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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Other Name

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

Not only is that truth the foundation of our faith, but it's the primary purpose for the band who found their name there, No Other Name.

Brother-and-sister Sam and Laura Allen and their friend Chad Smith have an incredible talent that they'll be bringing to us this weekend in concert at Francis Baptist Church.

When I first heard this trio it was at a radio conference in Nashville.  I was impressed by their talent, but even more by their love for God and their desire to make Him known through their craft.  And they have family in Palatka so they knew right where to find Hope FM!

I had a nice chat with Laura, the audio is available here in case you missed it, as well as a little more than we had time for on the air.

And to really see their heart for all of God's people, watch the video for Let It Start With Me:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Revival or Revolution?
We had the opportunity to preview the movie God's Not Dead, which opens March 21.  Of course the idea is nothing new! The song by the same title has been tearing up the charts for months now.  But the message will help remind you what you believe and why.
Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.  1 Peter 3:15
I had the opportunity to speak with someone who had their world turned around by the message of this song!  Bobby Lafferty said he had been overwhelmed by the bad news and even a bit fearful for his children's future when he thinks about what this world is coming to.  Would they need to be prepared for a revolution? But when he heard the song....the Lord woke something up in him, just like that lion roaring!

I'm so glad he came in to share his story on the air.  I feel he has a word that needs to be spread:  do we want a revival or a revolution? Check it out here:

If you're feeling a lack of enthusiasm in your life lately, let God revolutionize that dry faith.  He can bring revival....first to ourselves, then our community, our nation, and our world.

A few tools to help you do that:  listening to Hope FM (of course!), the song by the Newsboys, and the movie when it comes out on March 21st.  

Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Official Music Video) from newsboys on GodTube.

Let love explode and bring the dead to life

A love so bold to see a revolution somehow

Let love explode and bring the dead to life

A love so bold to bring a revolution somehow


Now I'm lost in Your freedom

And this world I'll overcome



My God is not dead

He's surely alive

He's living on the inside

Roaring like a lion


Let hope arise and make the darkness hide

My faith is dead

I need a resurrection somehow


Now I'm lost in Your freedom

And this world I'll overcome

Let Heaven roar and fire fall
Come shake the ground

With the sound of revival  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview with Mindy Ferguson

How can we better know what God thinks of us, what He wants for us, and Who He is?  By reading His Word....the Bible.  
Mindy Ferguson of Fruitful Word Ministry has made her passion for God's Word a ministry to encourage others to do the same.  It's not about carving out a few minutes to check-off a to-do list:  "Yep! I read the bible...." But to enjoy fellowship with the Lord and experience Him each day.  

Mindy will be sharing from her heart and experiences with the ladies at this year's Spiritual Life Retreat on February 28th and March 1st, joining worship leader and keynote speaker, Gwen Smith.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mindy and it was a pleasure to get to know her.  If you didn't hear it, the audio is here for your listening pleasure!  :)

I encourage you to do something for yourself:  take these two days to get away from everything and see what God has for you at this year's retreat.  Ladies from our community and the surrounding area will all be there for the same reason. 

Mindy Ferguson Interview, aired 1/21/14

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Party Time!
I was so fortunate to be chosen to host a Party More with Hasbro Gaming House Party from the great folks at
They sent an amazing party pack filled with everything needed to have a lot of fun!  Two of my most favorite games were included:  Taboo and Catch Phrase.  Both of them are so much fun with a group of people.  It also came with something that got rave reviews: Draw Something Party.  Stacy loved it - of course he's a good artist!  But even those of us who are lacking in artistic abilities enjoyed it.  One other game was Funny Or Die, which we didn't have enough time to get to.  We could play Catch Phrase alone for several hours!! 
Some things were very hard to describe....and very funny!!
Besides great party supplies they also sent a nice sampling of a new type of Cheetos that were delicious!  Best of all, coupons for more Cheetos and $$$ off Hasbro games.  What more could a hostess ask for? 
Our House Party created big fans of Hasbro and Cheetos!  :)
A fun time was had by all!
I am totally impressed with and sure hope they'll pick me again to host a fun time with friends to get to know other great products!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What Are You Afraid Of?

When we were kids it was monsters under the bed or noises in the closet. Now the list is far more serious.  
Debt.  Natural Disaster.  Sickness. 
...and that's just a few from a seemingly endless list!

Dr. David Jeremiah has noticed an increase in people's fears, and did what he does best: consult the Word of God on the matter and turn the helpful insights he found into messages and a book.  All to help you and I overcome our fears!  

What's really exciting is that he's bringing the message here to our area with a rally this week in Jacksonville.
I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with him briefly about it and couldn't wait to share it with you. 

Click here to here the interview:

Every morning I read Dr. Jeremiah's devotional magazine and I feel like he's become a part of my daily life.  It was such a joy to speak with him that I got nervous doing this phone interview....first time that has happened in years!  :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

What's In A Name? Interview with Love & the Outcome

I seriously cannot get enough of a song by this brand new band.  It's got a message that's really simple and immensely profound all at the same time: He Is With Us.

Husband and wife team Chris and Jodi took a few minutes to talk to me about their band.  My first priority was to ask for an explanation of the name! They wanted to reflect that the band is made up of a married couple, and to give an example of their purpose, which is to display God's love.  They are the outcome!  I thought that was a neat way to tie in examples we read in the Bible of how God's love is displayed through our relationships. Check out the interview that aired Friday morning 9/20 on Hope FM:

We had a chance to hear them share a few songs while at the Christian Music Broadcaster's Momentum conference a couple of weeks ago.  Incredible!!  I had to be right up front....and I can't wait to see them again at the Life in the Son Christian Music Festival on September 28th. Come join me - I'll be the one up front!  :)
Love and the Outcome at CMB Momentum.
The cool background is one of the many murals in the Disney Yacht Club conference center.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music and Miracles - an Interview with Aaron Shust

One of my favorite Hope FM artists is Aaron Shust.  He's going to be coming to our area very soon for the Life in the Son Music Festival.  I can't wait!  He is one of the kindest and most humble of all the artists I've had the chance to meet.  And his music helps me connect to the Lord in a way that makes me want to share it with everyone!

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Aaron and ask him to share the story of the miracle God performed for his son, Michael.  You can hear my interview with a link below, but even better, check out the video of the story:

my interview as heard on Hope FM Thursday 9/19:

Aaron with Stacy at Christian Music Broadcaster's Momentum 2013
Aaron with some of the ladies of Hope FM: Kristen, Malenda, Marjorie, Shayna